How to stop feeling guilty?

So I knew this girl and long story short, I fucked up our friendship.

I won't go into excessive detail but it was because I was angry at something completely unrelated to her and when she said something that slightly irritated me, I went off at her. I know I can be an asshole, but even I know what I said was way over the top. I immedietely felt terrible about what I said, but knew her enough to know to leave her be for a while and then try talking to her. Later on that night, so afternoon for her, I called and apologized and she just listened and then said that she can tell I'm sorry, but what I said hurt her and she thinks its best if we stopped talking. I respected her decision, wished her luck in life, deleted her number and our last conversations through text, logged in and out of kik to remove the conversation when she gave me her number, and stopped talking.

Now I deleted kik and recently got back on it and I see I still have her as a friend and feel so bad I can't evenuse the app. I always felt terrible because she is a great girl to know and talk to and I ruined it and know its all my stupid ass fault. I know I shouldn't have said what I said and go off, I know. But even then I just feel like I will forever be a complete jackass. This whole thing happened like four months ago and I STILL feel like shit about it. Any way I can stop feeing guilty and get over it?


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  • yeah i screw up a lot like that too... why did u delete kik cuz of her? u can just keep using it n not talk to her? maybe ask her if u want to be friends again

    • I deleted it cause I only really used it to talk to her, cause it helped with our time zone issue. Then I reinstalled it cause I started talking to other people.

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