Anybody here knows Sanskrit?

First of all this ques has none religious aspects (as some indians relate it with religion)
Its just it's world most ancient language so far discovered. Its used to be a language before we learn how to write.. How cool is that?
I am planning to learn it in summers. Anyone here knows it?


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  • I don't personally know it but as a linguist I would like to slightly correct you in that it's not actually a language. It's just a proto-language. That means that the whole language is just a linguistic reconstruction. It's based on educated guesses. Nobody knows if this is really what the language sounded like. In fact, it's not even proven if the Sanskrit actually existed (it's likely but it's not almost unprovable, because nothing was written down back then). Its big value (if it actually existed) lies in the fact that it is considered the mother language of all Indo-European languages.
    Why do you want to learn it?

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