Why does practically everyone break the speed limit and tailgate?

Even the SLOWEST drivers are often pushing it 5 mph,

I mean it can be difficult to always be at that exact tick mark and sometimes something happens and we may temporarily go 5-7 mph over. That's fine, provided you slow back down.

I usually drive +/- 2 mph within the speed limit in IDEAL conditions. Very occasionally, I may end up 5 or so over for a few seconds if I don't know where I am going or am confused or something like that, but then I'll immediately slow down once I catch myself. And often, I get tailgated for it and as soon as I turn or multiple lanes start, people accelerate hard. On two-lane roads, cars in the left lane whiz by me. Like I said, even the slowest drivers out there want to give at least 5 mph over, as I said.

The speed limit is 30, and so I'll drive like 28-32 mph, and I had like 8 cars lined up behind me tailgating each other within minutes.

In a 25 mph road, within seconds, there were 4 cars closely lined up behind me,

They say you are supposed to maintain a minimum following distance of 3 seconds in ideal conditions (add seconds for other conditions), which is what I do. Yet, one study found that the average American maintains less than one second of following distance. That seems about right. I've seen my own dad drive. Roads usually look like long caterpillars of cars.


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  • They've gotta make up for their tiny penis


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  • These people that you described all have a mental problem that you can call 'everybody" where they do not think. When they tailgate it is always a way of being a bully. They cannot be a bully at home, work or in general but behind the wheel of a car they play their little games of what ever is running through that empty space. It is ego driven.

    I drive a 1 ton van so I need space to stop and do not gun it, so I know exactly what you say and mean. In other countries the driving is so very different.


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  • No Offence to yourself, Or the law, But, 5mph, Really? Who actually gives a fk? xD

  • That actually pisses me off to, but I thought I was the only one. I never go more than 5 over and usually stay pretty close to the mark. I refuse to be intimidated by tailgaters either. I've almost been hit by tailgaters when I had to suddenly stop because of a cat or dog. I also hate when there is a long line at a stop light and people block intersections. Some people just don't know how to drive. There's a reason I've never gotten a ticket.

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