Anyone else get the usual BS from parents etc. that you look good bla bla and that girls/boys should be happy to have you?

Is that like the 101 of parenting to make their kids believe their not ugly/fugly? I get it from my mum and some other family members but i think they just dont want to tell me the truth.

"If the Truth is the Mistress then a Lie is the nice Girl and thats why I hate nice girls"


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  • I did, which was obviously a long time ago.
    I could almost not get a date until I was 30, because I was a clean-cut young professional who was going places. The girls wanted the bad-boy scumbags.
    I also looked good enough to do some television presenting and some modelling.
    My mother and her friends used to talk about me (when they thought that I could not hear them). My mother was concerned that there were never any girls in my life. It was not for lack of trying on my part, the girls were simply not interested.
    My mother's friends used to say things such as: "He is so good looking, so clever and on the television. Why aren't there girls around?"
    My mother and her friends would have this circular conversion in the way that women do, then at some point one of them would express a fear that I might be homosexual.
    The one girl who did say yes, when I was 21, broke my heart so badly that I have been unable to love anyone since her.
    Apparently women still think that I am good looking, even at my advanced age. Females in my age range go out of their way to speak with me, flirt and make eyes. At the campus cafe, almost every time that I sit down one of the mature-age female students, or a member of staff, will invite herself to join me.
    Something inside me broke during all those years of lonely nights. I am dead inside, most of the time.

    • oh man, that is so sad to hear :( but what is up with that huh. if everyones says "you look good" how come all we get is the treatment of beeing ignored or stepped on -_-

    • Why? Because nice guys (hate that term) finish last.
      Women want the various versions of the bad boy, who treat them like shit. Decent men need not apply.

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  • I don't remember my mom saying that stuff to me even once, lol.
    I don't remember my dad saying it either.. He probably has once though.

  • No. They know I'm worthless :D


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  • My mom and aunts give me that bull all the time about how I'm such a wonderful person and eventually I'll meet a nice girl. Yeah whatever, that's what moms are supposed to say. It's still a bunch of crap.

  • OK... if you consider this abuse, you don't understand life...