What are your thoughts about each of the zodiac signs?

I'm really fascinated with understanding the unique personality traits of each zodiac sign and why they behave a certain way :) I'd really like to hear your opinion about all of them and why you came to that conclusion. Also please try not to have a biased opinion based on your own zodiac sign, lol :P Please reveal which sign you belong under after explaining your opinion on each one!!

Thanks in advance for answering :)



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  • I don't believe in zodiacs anymore but I used to when I was way younger so I know a little bit about that shit, so Imma just do this for fun based on what I know and mostly about the majority people I've met of each sign, lmao.

    ARIES: best zodiac sign, we're fucking awesome
    TAURUS: smart, responsible, proper, stubborn, down to earth
    SAGITTARIUS: freakin cool, my best friend ever was a Sagittarius + my perfect match apparently
    PISCES: shy and dreamy af, creative, from another planet
    LEO: outgoing and fierce + also my perfect match apparently
    VIRGO: smart but kinda just meh
    CAPRICORN: passive aggressive but cool people
    GEMINI: can be selfish and mean, emotional and quite judgmental, but good sense of humour
    SCORPIO: mysterious and sexy af
    CANCER: the super good looking popular kids
    AQUARIUS: they just go with the flow, smart and fun, spiritual
    LIBRA: annoying and have nothing in common with them but at the same time I click with them big time

    Ehhh, bullsheeeettt lol
    Now I can get back to the real world!

    • LOL Thanks for your contribution :) Just out of curiosity why did you stop believing in that stuff? :)

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    • you bitch, I'm a gemini and we're not mean ;)

    • @guy532 Only people I've met, like I said, it's bullshit. 😛 Don't take it seriously, bud! 😊

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  • Im cancer.

    Aries: Loud, Like giving orders (I hate being told what to do)
    Taurus: Very homey, tempers
    Sag: Hardworking, achievers. Controlling though (my mom)
    Pisces: Live in their own world, imaginative, but enjoy life to the fullest (my dad)
    Leo: Loyal, bigheaded
    Virgo: Innocent, but think they know everything (my sis)
    Cap: Never met one
    Gemini: Very chatty, all over the place
    Scorpio: Nice, until you cross them. Very deep people (I can handle them though)
    Cancer: Homey and protective of their loved ones. Can get moody but all you have to do is mention that and they stop (at least I do)
    Aquarius: Never met one
    Libra: They are people pleasers, lots of friends

    I did my birthchart not long ago, but I didn't know my exact time of birth. Asc: Scorpio, Moon: Virgo. I had a lot of earth (capricorn) in the chart. Funny Im cancer but with a lot of capricorn

    • Like I said it's really fascinating stuff & I generally get along with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn best, lol :) Anyway thanks for answering my question :)

  • It's fun to read about it, but I don't believe in that.

    • I know it's super fun to read about! :) What sign are you? LOL :)

    • Sagittarius, which I think has the best symbol.

  • I like to read them, its fun to read and compare them to people. I think nobody will ever really understand that, and like saying they're not real just because. But I love mines, Aquarius. Means I'm just a weirdo lol.

    • Aquarians are known to be very creative and humanitarians :) I really appreciate those 2 qualities. Can I ask you a quick question? :)

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    • No, that really helped a lot & I appreciate that you answered my question :) Do you view people who are more emotional as weaker human beings? Like is it a sign of weakness when people cry or express some other emotion in front of you? Always wondered about that because I don't know if Aquarians necessarily understand why some people are so easily led by emotions :) Thanks again (seems like a hundred questions I know) lol

    • I actually love it when people ask rather than assume, you seem more curious and actually willing to learn and inform yourself to me.

      I think because we aren't as emotional, it can come off as an annoyance to see someone who's very emotional. That or we just don't know what the hell to do when someones crying. Like a few other friends of mines who are also Aquarius, we've been told we look annoyed when someones crying or something for a stupid ass reason like, for example, a girl dumps her shitty boyfriend and now she's emotional about it. Thats when I get annoyed, like you did a good thing shut up. Or if someones crying over a movie, thats stupid to me. Especially if its like Marley and Me. No offense, but its a movie over a dog and shit like that happens daily. He got another dog anyway, so get over it.

  • https://i.imgur.com/PgTkmV1.jpg

    Yeah that's what I think

    • LOL :) That's funny and thanks for your contribution, lol :)

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  • When I was young, someone told me if a guy is a Virgo that means get has a lot of ladies drooling over him or something.

    • Perhaps but I've never met a Virgo male before, lol :) What sign are you?

    • I am a Virgo

      I feel like I did meet one and it was true for him... can't recall as it was years ago.

  • Capricorn

    I like to bust caps and eat corn

    • LOL :) Clever play on words!

  • I don't believe in them.

    • What sign are you? :)

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    • Cool :) I like Virgos (my best friend is one) lol :)

    • Hey, thanks! : )

  • I don't follow that stuff. Why are you asking so many questions about zodiac signs?

    • I'm very fascinated by it, lol :) I guess it's because most of the people I meet tend to have at least some of the personality traits described (so I assume there is some accuracy at least) :)

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    • I mean they're so general that anyone can fit the description if you try to make them fit

    • Sure :) I see what you're getting at though