What does this mean?

To exhale, you must first learn to inhale. Fact!
However, none, or few at least, were ever taught.
Everyone was simply born knowing how, don't
You find this amazing? Which brings me to this:
Anyone can breathe, not nobody can kill die,
Reluctantly, by willing themselves not to breathe.
Evolutionary measures prevent it. Don't you wonder
Why on earth anyone would test this hypothesis?
Aren't there urgent matters, cures to be found? Well,
Truth of it is, we are living in an era where death and
Cruelty is more often than not, glorified, and modern
Hells are romanticised. We, me and you, are living
In a generation of death. Disagree?
Now look here, will you? Fifty years ago, in the
Good days, Alice never woulda been drawn harming


Read the capital letters from the first letters of every line, top to bottom


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  • Sounds like someone got fussy!


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