Why do people claim rock/metal music comes from classical music?

Why do people claim rock/metal music comes from classical music?
In my opinion rock music still has more in common with blues music, as the tritone and pentatonic scales are used in both genres...

And even jazz has inspired metal and rock music, But i wouldn't say classical...

Apocalyptica are what then? think about it, metalheads playing rock music on classical instruments?

  • I think rock/metal music comes from classical (I'm mentally retarded) i1216.photobucket.com/.../IMG_0423.jpg
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  • I know rock/metal comes from the blues, and has blues, pop and jazz influences
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  • I don't care rock music sucks
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  • I think metal elitists try to defend their shitty music by saying it's intellectual and related to classical
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There's no relationship between classical and metal/rock...

Rock music came from rythmn and blues, blues and rock n roll...

Jimi hendrix was playing blues rock with jazz influences...

Deep purple, sabbath were blues influenced...

Okay 80s metal like maiden, priest and metallica, have a lot of blues influence still


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  • I think all music genres are linked in some way just the degrees of separation that differentiates them


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  • they are all different


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  • The people who say this are the fans of euro-centric power metal and "symphonic" metal. It's not really symphonic, it just has vague symphonic aspirations crudely replicated through keyboards.

    Yngwie Malmsteen is heavily influenced by classical music of course, and Randy Rhoads had a background in classical guitar, and he influenced a lot of guitarists. But the genre itself is blues based at its core.

  • Liar ! there is no relationship my ass they all have a form of rhythm , melody, pitch, and pace so you lie ! lololololololololol : P

    But really erm I am unsure if it was directly a result of classical music but from what I was taut I was sure that rock and metal came from different forms of music and tweaking and trying variations of music types that before it came to be an actually category in its own : )

  • rock comes from r'n'b and soul... no?

    • Yes, Listen to the old blues singers how they used to scream and whail their voices, just like you metal/rock singers

  • Classical music was the first 'genre' or type of organized written music, thusly we can conclude that all music stems from classical. However i wouldn't classify rock as music, it is pretty much just sound.

    • Much music developed completely independent of classical music. Blues has its roots in traditional African music, not European classical music.

    • I don't think so. You see Blues was originally just altercations of song that had already been played or rhythms that had been around for ages. Blues really depends on how you play the notes, that's what makes it blues. However you miss my point. Most songs stem from melodies and chords thought up hundreds of years age. Music hasn't really changed all that much, sure the sound has but the literal sheet music has mainly stayed the same.

  • I've never heard anyone make this claim. the only thing classical and some subgenres of metal have in common is complexity and a fuck ton of musical talent

    if beethoven was alive today he might've just been opeth's keyboard player