What does gold fever mean?

Hey GAGers, a friend of mine brought up gold fever but I don't know what that means. Tried searching google but it brought a TV series up


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  • In the early 1900's in the USA gold was found in certain rivers, in caves and stuck to the roots of trees. Many of the people of the time rushed to California to mine for gold all they needed was a pan and they would pick a section of river and go through it. Still going on today people are finding gold in California. The term is Prospecting for Gold.

    We have a drought in California mixed with humongous rains which is moving a lot of soil so prospecting will pick up this year.

    A person who picks up everything to follow the Gold Rush is said to have Gold Fever meaning once they find it they have an itch and way of thinking that is like a drug addiction.

    I hope this helps, Princess.


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