Why do people post stuff like 'why is x y z posted here'?

we all like different stuff in life, this is self-evident..

but then does the site have to accommodate to narcissistic people?

if you don't like a thread, can't people just move over it and post one they DO like?

if it doesn't breach the terms of service, should it matter?

isn't the issue poor social skills, not "shitty posts"?


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  • I am starting to agree with you. People can post whatever the fuck they want, unless they are being offensive to other people.
    I stopped caring about penis size questions or bra & panties questions or weird-ass fetish questions or "he/she stares at me does he/she like me"?
    I don't mind them anymore. If people want to keep talking about such boring -according to me- things, it is their right to do so.

    • I think you have asperger's.

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    • I think you have the princess complex and the "I live in lala land" one :3!

    • i do? i think it's common that you behave like this commonly, but there you go.

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  • can you give an example please?

  • I know what you mean - You would think the scroll option was broken on their device