What devil fruit do you want?

Here's some background information for those who don't know so you can still vote:

Kizaru's fruit- Intangibility, can move/strike people at the speed of light, can shoot lasers that explode. Pew pew.
What devil fruit do you want?

Doflamingo's fruit- Control people like puppets by planting strings on them, can cut through almost anything with the strings, can fly in places where there are clouds.

Law's fruit- Create a "room" in which you can teleport or make others teleport against their will and cut anything, people will survive being cut. Switch people's minds/bodies around.

Marco's fruit- Transform into a phoenix, essentially

Whitebeard's fruit- Can use shockwaves to create earthquakes/tsunamis to literally destroy islands.

  • 1) Kizaru's fruit
    Vote A
  • 2) Doflamingo's fruit
    Vote B
  • 3) Law's fruit
    Vote C
  • 4) Marco's fruit
    Vote D
  • 5) Whitebeard's fruit
    Vote E
  • Another devil fruit
    Vote F
  • A banana
    Vote G
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What Girls Said 4

  • I don't see how any of them would be helpful to me in my everyday life

    At least a banana provides adequate calcium

    • I actually think these would be really useful for everyday life
      -Getting to work
      -Chopping vegetables
      -Spring cleaning
      -Getting things from high shelves
      -Destroying continents :P

  • Kizaru's fruit! if I could travel at the speed of light, can I travel in time?

    • Don't you need to go faster than light to travel through time?

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    • I don't know if you know, but that character is extremely destructive :D 25.media.tumblr.com/.../...8f5oej1sserjpo2_500.gif
      Saving the world with lasers is probably better than just killing people for fun :P

    • omg lol powerful... that looks sick XD
      And yeah, I'd agree - let's not kill poor random people, okay?

  • Go Bananas.

  • I hate Naruto.


What Guys Said 3

  • I like the sound of Doflamingo fruit.

  • nmarco's fruit

  • Can I get all of those in fruit cup?

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