What are the chances of me having schizoid personality disorder?

I'm not gonna make this lomg at all but here it goes:

Emotionally I feel nothing ever literally when I ask myself or someone asks me what I'm feeling it's nothing at all.

I've never felt loved or loved someone not even family.

When I was younger my twin sis had a a chunk of glass stuck in her head blood was everywhere and I just looked at her an wasn't even bothard

I always want to be alone 24/7. Also I left college to be alone which lasted a year and a half then forced into college again.


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  • Sounds like you have trouble empathising with others. I don't think that necessarily means youhave a disorder.

    Having just read a little about it I'm inclined to say it most likely isn't a disorder at all but actually a personality trait, for the most part at least. Just because you are not normal doesn't mean there is something wrong with you... however... lacking in empathy for your fellow humans, especially someone who you are supposed to love (your sister) is a little worrying. Do you even get emotional about things? Upset? Can you empathise with other people and their suffering?

    • I can always act with the empathy and emotionally it's just no response at all to nothing

    • Yes, people can act but do you actually empathise?

      Also, no response at all to nothing, few too many negatives sorry - I don't understand what you are saying.

  • I think you are just a sociopath.

  • See a psychiatrist for a diagnosis, a professional is the only one who can tell whether you have a mental illness or not.


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  • have u been diagnozed?

  • Don't try self diagnosis.

    • I'm not you. But from what I've
      Experiancing and they all what I've gathard it is a high possibility (to me) that I could have schizoid. And see if anyone else agrees. Do you want a trampoline? Seems you like jumping to conclusions.

    • See a doctor who can tranquilize or diagnose you. That's way better than any internet 'test'.

    • Finally you stop being a di**. Thankyou for your advice and I apologise for me being an ass**** too