Isn't it amazing that guys answer mostly at questioms and girls answer when they get asked sth for themselves?

Like i saw a questiom before with a guy saying that his cousin won't eat a bruised banana but she will take the dick in her mouth, and then he asked what we would choose.5 girls answered and 4 guys as well. While on other questions in the feed when nothing is asked about girls's interests and shit only guys answer. That proves that girls only care for themselves and are fucking selfish. Don't you think so too?


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  • What the hell are you even trying to say son?

    • That girls answer less frequently cuz they are fucking selfish

    • My eyebrow's currently stuck in the ceiling fan, and I haven't even got a ceiling fan.

    • It seems so from your photo haha

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  • Um rude? I've seen lots of questions where both sexes answer. Don't be sexist and call all girls "fucking selfish" watch your language and don't be a twat young man.

    • It isn't rude, it's just the truth. Girls answer less frequently cuz of their selfishness and boredom. Also if you found it rude go cry to daddy

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    • Because im more observant and i think something for more than 1 angle? what ur saying doesn't makes sense

    • Show me your so called research. What are your variables? Did you use a proper pool of testees? How long were you collecting data? Or did you just look at it and go they must be selfish bitches because they only talk about themselves. look at it this way: if you went to university and studied geology for example would you not answer anyones questions about rocks? You're familiar with all things about rocks so wouldn't you feel more knowledgeable and capable of answering those questions? Or would you go answer questions on marine life, something you know nothing about?

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  • wrong conclusion bro..

    • Right conclusion bro..*

  • Can't say I notice but there is a lot more girl only question which means girls have more questions to answer.