What does this mean?

I'm in a crappy marriage and I started talking to a guy two months ago he was nice sweet and all around great and I really enjoyed the attention but he went to jail which I knew was going to happen it's been a month and he is still the main object off all my thoughts he is the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing before I go to sleep at night is this normal and what does it mean?

Sorry forgot to put my husband an I are getting a separation.


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  • You are turned on by the "bad boy" image because he is in prison.

    • I have a things for bad boys yes but I married one too but this guy is on my mind even after not talking to him for a month

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    • Interesting! Bad boy and knight in shinning armour! Well, if you like him, and he likes you, and you are separated, I say go for it!

    • His mom told me he asked about me every time she goes for visitation so I think I might just do that

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  • You are very attracted to him.

    But does this mean you love him? No.
    Like you said, you enjoyed the attention and how nice/aweet he was to you. I think that is what you are currently missing in your marriage. When you encountered it elsewhere, you realised how nice it actually was.

    While it is not part of the question, what do you think makes your marriage crappy? What is keeping you from being happy?

    • My husband has nothing to do with me or our kids is never home and has had multiple affairs yet he dosent trust me at all

    • I just read that you are leaving your husband.
      And for good reason.

      Like I said, you are very attracted to him and I think that is all there is to it. What you want to do with this attraction is entirely up to you

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  • Forget this other guy. He is bad news as he has been in jail before and will probably cheat on you since he has little regard for the social mechanics of society.

    • He is in jail right now for assault but he step in on a lady getting beat by her boyfriend she even went to court with him but he broke the guys nose and arm so it's considered assault

  • It means you want an affair.

    Why not leave the husband first?

    • Oh sorry I am leaving my husband I guess I should of put that

    • Oh alright

      I think you can answer that question better than anyone else.

      You obviously like him but is it more than like.. you would know the answer to that.