If there would be a huge island resort made purely for guys and girls, what could it be like? What kinda stuff would it have?

What I personally think it could have is things like game rooms, clubs like dance floors, bars, and lounges, a large beach, sports courts including beach volleyball and basketball, a water park, gyms, and lots and lots of bedrooms.


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  • Lots and lots of water rides. One of those big wave pools to surf in. Bars and lounges. Game rooms. I wouldn't use this one, but I can see a spa being profitable. Guided tours of the island. And horses. Because who wouldn't want to go riding on the beach?

    • Sounds good to me!

    • There could also be formal events where you can see everyone looking nice, with the guys in their suits and the girls in their dresses.

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  • It would have a lot of foods.

  • Hot members of the opposite gender or dame gender. And awesome food and drinks

    • Yes both the male and female members would be sexy, guys having nice muscles and girls having nice curves.

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