Men (and women who like women...), what age of women do you find the most attractive?

  • 45-50
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  • 50-60
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  • The older the better!
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  • 18-21
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  • 22-30
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  • 31-36
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  • 37-45
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Most Helpful Guy

  • That's a tough one, because girls are very beautiful as they come into their late teens and early 20's - but then, between say, 30 and 35, they sort of fill out a little bit, they get a "softer" look about them, and their physical beauty actually matures in a way that never was. So, I would say from 16 to 35, but just in a progressively changing way.

    • Thanks for MHO!

    • It makes the most sense!

    • Cool! Well, being a bit older has lent me the experience to witness this change that woman pass through. I had a girlfriend who was 30, and she was just starting to get that sort of soft/glowing look to her face, mostly, but her body too. And I had another woman who was 38, and she was really fully matured in beauty. I guess you could say a woman in her 30's starts to look more like a Mom in a way. Which never would have grabbed me when I was 17. But, as I got older, I truly admired it. Also, as I aged, my taste for petite women went long out the window. And now it is the full-bodied women with full-sized rounded hips, thighs, bum, and even something of a belly/love handles that I now love. Curvy and soft all over is SO feminine to me. By what I read on here, most of these young boys haven't begun to appreciate that. Mostly just the straight and skinny teenagers.

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What Guys Said 5

  • Physically: 20-25
    Mentally: 30-35

  • Late 20's to late 30's?

  • 28 is perfect. I wish people would just stop aging from then, but still get more mature.

  • You cannot put an age on this. I have seen women that were most attractive in their 20's but then some that were gorgeous in their 40's, so good that they looked better than girls half their age,

  • Voted B! lol


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm straight, but wouldn't it depend on the person and the stage of life they're both in?

    • Definitely! Words of wisdom. I was just curious, which is why I asked on here :)

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