I seriously don't understand these questions?

I see some ridiculous freaking questions on GAG to the point where I won't even come on for days because they are so damn ridiculous. Does anybody feel the same way and feel that there should be a strickter filter on what you can and can't post? There's ridiculous and downright offensive stuff on here that I don't understand why it isn't removed.


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  • Yeah a lot of questions on here have been really boring and dumb lately.


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  • The great part of this is you can ignore any posts you don't want to answer. Let everyone have their fun.

  • There's a lot of questions here that I'm sick of. A lot. I'm closing in on my 5 year gagiversary in February and I'm considering closing up shop.

    • I actually deleted an old account I had for that and because I was harassed on the daily just for having a picture up. I came back hoping that not having a pic would help - which it did, but I find the most ridiculous questions and the most offensive shit that never gets taken down.

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    • lol noooo, it was a phantom he. Hewhoshallnotbenamed is definitely a higher rating than 2.

    • And astrology. That's another question that's lame as shit. Like what the fuck doee his and her signs have to do with anything? It is mind boggling that people think it is remotely relevant.

  • yea they make me want to do this



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  • I am just tired of the sizes and rating questions.

    • Same. I literally answered a size question and had the asker ask me 10 other questions about his size to where I couldn't reply anymore. There's also a guy on the main feed who won't stop talking about smelly vaginas and a ton of sexist and facist shit is on here too.

    • Yeah, I did answer some in the beginning but like you said the questions doesn't stop.

      I stopped answering questions like that now.

      I have to keep refreshing to look for some decent questions

      And lol, yeah I saw that post too.

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