80s music poll: Favorite album by The Vapors/The Passions/Blue Zoo?

New wave bands, active in early-80s. They’d b considered 1-hit wonders mostly. Their most famous hits were “Turning Japanese”,”I’m In Love With A German Film Star” and “Cry Boy Cry” respectively. Although they had many nice songs beyond those. Like “Letter From Hiro” or “Magnets”, da 2 closin tracks from Vapors’ albums “New Clear Days” and “Magnets” respectively.




  • New Clear Days (The Vapors)
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  • Magnets (The Vapors)
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  • Michael & Miranda (The Passions)
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  • Thirty Thousand Feet Over China (The Passions)
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  • Sanctuary (The Passions)
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  • 2 By 2 (Blue Zoo)
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  • For All I Really Care (Blue Zoo)
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  • Who the hell cares?