What is your opinion on these advanced toilets?

  • This is so over the top, I would not want one in my house.
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  • I am not bothered either way if I had one in my house or not.
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  • This is so awesome I want one. Time to ship one out from Japan to my house.
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What Girls Said 3

  • There's a Bob's Burgers episodes about it so it's officially too ridiculous for me


    • I love Bob's Burgers. God I would hate a talking toilet.
      Toilet: "Hello, how are you today?"
      Me: "Don't talk to me..."

    • @Octavius

      LOL IKR? How weird would it be to use the restroom while your toilet talks? Ewwww...

  • I'd take one for free. Might be kinda fun messing with on.

    • It is kind of funny really

      Toilets in Japan = Wash you, dry you, heated seat so your ass does not get cold, flush for you, puts the toilet seat up and down for you, the toilet cleans itself so you don't have to, you can even adjust the strength of the water that gets squirted at your ass and much more.

      Toilets in the rest of the world = Toilet paper

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    • You should be sorry... Well, im outta here. Later.

    • oooo well ok then... It is not that bad. I said I was sorry. Gee!

  • This is so over the top, I would not want one in my house.


What Guys Said 2

  • Jarvis please eat my shit

    • I'm with this guy. I want the toilet to greet me like it's my butler. Then he can eat my shit.

    • @atomique @ClauseViter Well these toilets in Japan even have heated seats so your ass does not get cold and a feature that massages your ass.

  • Of course it's in Japan...

    • They love their technology in Japan.

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    • I see what you mean. Yeah I wouldn't doubt that it's a completely different world over there.

      But I've had heard that they (really Asians in general) are like weirdly socially disconnected. Like they, in a sense, won't be human with you.

    • I am not sure about that. I think in Japan smokers for example have their own smoking areas, these smoking areas are all over the city and they are equipped with everything a smoker needs you can buy cigarettes, have a place to smoke them in the area and then you have a butt bin to dispose of the butt when you are done. From what I understand these areas are all over the city.