Do you think this conspiracy theory true?


Do you think this conspiracy theory true?

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  • This is not a conspiracy theory. It is a fact. It also has nothing to do with "hating America". Just because somebody doesn't approve of America's foreign politics doesn't mean they hate America. Unfortunately, some Americans are patriotic/nationalistic to such a paranoid degree that simply criticizing a part of the U. S.' politics can make you into an enemy of the state in those people's opinion.
    Now, to give everyone (especially the ones who deny this) a quick historical overview:
    - 1953: Mohammed Mosaddegh, a democratically elected lawyer is prime minister in Iran. He wants to lift his people out of poverty and does a good job at it. He also has very progressive views on social issues and supports the separation of religion and politics. He opposes political fanatics and religious extremists alike. Similarly to Norwegians or Venezuelans, he also believes that Iran's ressources, especially its oil, which was previously stolen by the British, should not just make foreign, private businessmen rich but it should mostly help the people who actually own it - the common Iranians.
    - Unfortunately, U. S. politicians hate that idea, because they personally profit from the Iranian oil. So what do they do? They employ the CIA to infiltrate Iran and stage a coup d'etat. Something, that goes against pretty much any international agreement and UN charta. The US then brings the Shah to power, a brutal dictator that brings misery, poverty and torture upon its people. But America likes him, because he's a puppet.
    - How do we know all this? Well, the CIA recently made its records open for the public.
    - The Shah turns out to be such a violent and ruthless dictator, that his regimes leads to religious extremism. Some of these extremists under the lead of Ayatollah Khomeini eventually also stage a coup d'etat against the Shah in 1979.
    - Of course America is pissed about that. Instead of sending its own soldiers, however, it gives the job to Saddam Hussein, leader in Iraq. America gives Saddam tons of weapons to fight against the Iran. Even mustard gas attacks are made with the CIA knowing and condoning them.
    - Russia gets scared about all this stuff happening in their back yard and so they invade Afghanistan.
    - The US sends to weapons to radical islamists (taliban) to fight against Russia. Their leader is called Osama bin Laden.
    - The war between Hussein and the Iran has meanwhile come to an end and Hussein decides to invade Kuwait for their oil. The US gets scared to

    • Pretty good description... thank you so much for sharing!

    • lose their profits and so the CIA makes up a fairy tale about Iraqi soldiers killing innocent babies in hospitals in Kuwait. As we now know (because the CIA opened their records), the story was a complete and utter lie. But it's enough to make American citizens be in favor of the war in Kuwait.
      - 1 million people die in the war between the US and Iraq in Kuwait. Mostly innocent Kuwaiti civilians.
      - The Taliban consider the war in Kuwait and the strong US army presence in Kuwait a religious insult and a desecration of whole soil and decide to attack the US.
      - 9/11.
      - Ironically, the Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden are financially supported by the CIA, even at the time of 9/11. No conspiracy theory - the CIA opened its records.
      - Although the Al Qaeda clearly came from Afghanistan, the US decides to attack the Iraq (which had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 - they just happen to be a good scapegoat and they have oil
      - ISIS makes use of the political vacuum after this war. Et voilĂ .

    • You deserve an MHO... thanks for making my half knowledge complete!!! :)

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  • I'm so sick of it all... I just don't give a shit and I want all of it to stop. People need to pull themselves back together and screw their heads on straight.

  • Considering the US sold Bin Laden the weapons I wouldn't be surprised if the states had also armed ISIS, knowingly. Americas biggest business is war. War and oil. Both such noble causes.

  • I would not be surprised.

  • in a way that makes a lot of sense. didn't america provide them with weapons?

    • Did you read the article?

    • nope. i just dropped my opinion and left. doesn't make a huge difference tho.

  • fuck no and I'm sick and tired of hearing this shit!

  • Your not American, that explains why

    • Hey I am asking this... I don't have anything against Americans.

    • The CIA has never done evil before? The CIA used to do illegal experiments on American citizens part of a program called MK-Ultra.
      And they used to do false flag operations on their own American citizens, stating that is ignorance.

    • I didn't mention anything about the CIA doing evil things

  • Of course. Its all planned. All the arabic countries ditched their oh so bad dictators and now its even worse with isis.


What Guys Said 7

  • Conspiracy theories are usuall facts manipulated to prove a theory - There might be some element of truth in it like the CIA initially supported the Taliban against the russians

  • that's old news,... everyone knows the U. s helped back the syrian and egyptian rebels in the arab spring of 2011...

    those rebels went on to form isis and were already active, they us backs anti-assad regime...
    Assad is against ISIS, Yet obama kept on backing the rebels,

    Now the iraqi tanks and American armour left over is taken back by ISIS

  • It don't surprise me really

  • Wouldn't be surprised. 9/11 was staged though. Plenty of evidence to support it.

    • Your sick -_-

    • By staged I meant the government was involved... I'm not saying staged as in the entire thing was fake, lol.

    • @sakurachii chill gurl... try not to create controversies here.

  • no its based on "america is scum" propganda. as public enemy once said: dont believe the hype

    • Exactly, it seems like almost every country is against the U. S which is annoying.

  • Nothing conspicuous about that, pretty sure I saw Obama on TV stating the possibility of arming Syrian rebels to fight the Assad regime. The Free Syrian Army wasn't as unified as they'd hoped and with the power vacuum created by all the fighting the Islamic State was given enough room to be born.

    There are still many FSA fighters holding true to their original objectives and are currently also fighting IS.

    Shitstorm is the word I think best describes the situation over there.

    • Does that make sense to you? Back Syrian rebels (that probably are ISIS militants) against Assad's regime in Syria.

    • ISIS didn't exist when the FSA started calling for US aid...

  • It's not a conspiracy theory.. It is true. This whole shenanigan's history dates back to Soviet invasion to Afghanistan when USA supplied weapons and helped Mujahideens to counter the soviet.. ISIS is just a byproduct of the world's superpowers constant involvement in the troubled regions of the Middle East... USA tries to tackle the problem but another door opens for a new enemy...

    • That's a good logic..

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