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I've been missing this guy I used to talk to. Things got kinda crazy because of some drama, so we stopped talking. We have mutual friends, that's how we met. Anyways I can't seem to shake him from my thoughts. I've been wanting to tell him, but I don't know if I should. I like writing my thoughts out, and I wrote this about him. I was thinking of maybe telling him I miss him and sending him this.
Bearded Handy Man
Missing his eyes staring back at me. That smirk on his handsome face. The sound of his voice, so yummy. His lips on mine. His fingers intertwined with mine. His strong hands on my body. He made me feel alive. Desired. Happy for a brief moment. I enjoyed his company and everything about him. I miss him.
I just would like some input on it and the situation. I tell myself what the heck, just do it, life is short... but I don't know because I'm a little scared to do it for fear of whatever.


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  • Can u get back 2 him then?

    • I'm not sure by what you mean. Like back with him? I don't know.

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    • Honestly I have no idea.

    • Maybe. I don't know

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  • As long as he's not involved with anyone else, it can't hurt to reach out to him. It is scary, he may reject you, but that's the chance you take, you have to decide if your pride is bigger than your desire to speak to him again. in my opinion, a little embarrassment that *might* occur is worth the possibility he has been missing you, too, and you could possibly be with him again. At the very least, if he doesn't feel the same way, knowing that information will help you to move on because you will have some closure. First I'd try and find out if he's got a girlfriend or is seeing anyone (good deal you have mutual friends who will probably know this!) and make a decision from there. Good luck!