Should I tell on this girl to the dean in school?

Okay so I am in this 6 week math course and my teacher is actually really nice like you could ask her a question and she will keep on showing you how to do it until you say you got it right. Anyways This girl in my class always gives her problems, talks back to her, swears in class, and is disrespctful to her. She will ask how a certani problem is done and she will explain it to her and from out of nowhere she will throw a temper tantrem and say oh my god you don't have to be so rude about it like she doesn't even give her a tone the worst thing the teacher will say is okay pay attention class, but she is saying that to everybody not just her. And yesterday after she was nice enough to give us extra time during the test after class was over which she didn't have to, but like over 15 of the students still didn't finish the test after class she took us in a empty room do finish up our test and before she left the room from finishing up the test she said "next time you shouldn't make the test so damn hard" in a really nasty tone.

  • Yeah tell on her report her to the dean
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  • No don't tell snitches get stitches
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  • tell your teacher to report her next time she talks back
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  • other explain
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  • I wouldn't admit a student like that in my class if I were her.

    She's an adult and acting like a toddler who cannot control her outbursts.
    It's disgusting in my opinion.

    She's mad at the world because she's failing miserably in the class.

    I think you should report her to the dean.
    But that doesn't mean anything will be done about it.

    If more than one student complains about her... perhaps that would make the complaint more effective.
    Also , put the complaint in writing.
    That also helps.

    • Okay thanks and yes I agree her behavior needs to be corrected.

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    • yeppers if she does it again I will bring it up with my other classmates and if they have a problem with it too i will tell on her.

    • U should.
      Her behavior is very juvenile

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  • nah, i'd jsut let it go if i was u :)


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  • Report her, she is disrupting everybody's learning.

  • Voted C (filler)

  • You people should talk to her first and then complain to dean if she still do not so.

    • Yeah the thing is I am not in a level higher authority than her I am a student just like her and if I confront her she will probably just get into a verbal fight with me and that could turn physical and If I beat her up for her hitting me i could get kicked out of school too which I don't want. And I am not sure if the other student have a problem with her or if its just me and I am gonna need witnesses when I report her to the dean.

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    • Yep I will :) thanks

    • You're welcome. :)

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