Do you feel boring on Apple's conferences recent years?

Yesterday I watched WWDC. Nice user interface, nice software, but I just feel almost nothing new but only some improvements on details.

I understand that a big revolutionary change needs a long accumulation and I do not blame Apple, but I mean, I just feel boring and can hardly feel any surprise.

5 means most boring, 1 means least boring.

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  • In my opinion, Apple used to be innovative but now they are just releasing features under their OS that you can see on Android a. k. a Split. Also their Siri is trying to combat Google Now. I don't know if this is correct, but when it comes to searching things online, this is how it goes:

    Siri: Question --> Google, Yahoo, Bing --> Results


    Google Now: Question --> Results

    OS wise, Apple has Android beat with an easy to use UI and fairly innovative phones for the western hemi, while Android has customization and a free reign on downloadable software.


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  • Apple's conferences have always been boring.

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