Buying from fake abercrombie website?

i googled abercrombie and fitch and went to a UK site and put cloths in my cart. then i noticed that the layout seemed kind of ameturish. it was just listed in a list. and it didn't have things on it like shorts or shoes or cologne. aand in the browser it was just a pic of a shopping cart. i went to us site and it had their logo. so thats different to. i uess it could just be a fake site with a few pasted pictures like real site but im not sure. and if i buy from there will it be ok? i dont see cloths i want on other one. somone check it out or anyone know/?

abercrombieandfitch. cc


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  • Post a link to it

    • its abercrombieandfitch. cc

    • It seems good to me

    • its fake you can tell