What are some good youngster/ High School Movies to watch?

Im looking for a good movie, funny movie with High School, Fun, Drama, good Romance, attractive girls... etc... etc... Some a little bit like "She's the man", "Mean Girls", and so on..
Think you could help me find one I haven't seen. Tell them all and i'll figure out wich one to look.
If you could also help me decide by giving me a small line to describe the plot I will be grateful
P. S
Best movie get's the best opinion award !


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  • She's All That
    Which has Freddie Prinze Jr and Matthew Lillard (aka Shaggy and Fred from Scooby Doo). Its a Cinderella type story...

    Cinderella Story
    with Chad Michael Murray (Lucas from One Tree Hill) ans Hillary Duff

    John Tucker Must Die
    where girls plot revenge on a guy who cheated on all of them with eachother

    The Hot Chick
    Where Rachel McAdams (Regina from Mean Girls) switches bodies with the comedian Rob Schneider. It also features the dumb blonde who plays Cindy in Scary Movie. Its kinda like that movie Freaky Friday .

    Seventeen Again
    Starring twins Tia and Tamara from Sister Sister

    17 Again
    A remake starring Zac Efron and The guy who plays Chandler on Friends

    Not Another Teen Movie
    Funniest movie ever. Its a mix of She's All That and several other movies. It stars Chris Evans aka Captain America. It also features the one who played Gretchen in Mean Girls. Wait til you see the poop scene hahaha...

    High School Musical
    If you're into Glee and stuff like that

    Class Act
    With Kid N Play from House Party. Nerd and Jock/Bullt switch places

    I'll think of more soon lol

    • I'll check it out.. actually sounds good

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    • I also like
      (its like Mean Girls without the Mean lol)

      (before Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens, there was John Travolta & Olivia John)

      Bring It On
      (someone say cheerleaders?)

      Romy & Michele High School Reunion

      You Again
      (A girls brother marries the woman who used to bully her)

      Cooley High
      (Sad ending)

      Can't Buy Me Love
      (Boy pays girl to date him)

      Love Dont Cost A Thing
      (Remake of can't Buy Me Love where boy pays girl to date him)

      Okay lol I'm done FOR NOW

    • Thanks for MhO :)))))

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  • The Breakfast Club - one of the greatest movies EVEER. About a group of high school kids from different subcultures (A brain, an athlete, a princess, a basket case, and a criminal) have an all day Saturday detention and get to know one another.

    The Girl Next Door - Teen incredibly focused on getting a scholarship to a prestigious college, and has therefore had a pretty dull high school experience, discovers the girl who's just moved in next door to him is an ex pornstar

    Pretty In Pink - Maybe a little bit girly but it's cute; about a girl from a poor family in love with a rich preppie guy. She also has a best friend with an unrequited crush on her

    Juno - Not sure if you'd really count this as as a 'High School Movie', but it's a very sweet story about a teenage mother searching for good adoptive parents to give her baby up to. Funnier than it siunds

    17 Again - This film is fun if you can ignore the stupid abstinence propaganda it peddles - About a middle aged guy with a load of regrets who one day is granted his wish to be 17 Again - he doesn't go back in time, just gets his teenage body back.

    The Art Of Getting By - Kind of a guilty pleasure for me. Pretentious white teenagers in New York fall in love and are sad and deep together basically. Very generic, and I really like it all the same

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Fun film about a group of kids who skive off school for a day and have adventures. Has some interesting fan theories about it..

    Easy A - A girl pretends she's had sex with her friend to disguise the fact he's gay and save him from being bullied. This gets her branded as a 'slut'.. a reputation she takes advantage of, making a business out of saying she's had sex with guys, in exchange for money/favours/etc.

  • Sister act 2

    Lean on me

  • Wild child

    Angus, Things, and the perfect Snogging
    Ella Enchanted
    16 wishes
    Definitely Maybe
    Another Cinderella Story
    Sydney White

  • American pie


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  • Well I am older than you. But Fast Times at Ridgemont High was pretty funny, Ferris Bueller's Day Off was good, The Breakfast Club, Risky Business