To all of you thirsty girls that have slept with taken/married men?

Exactly what was going in your mind? What made you fall for him and ultimately wreck their relationship? I know it takes two to tango but come on, a bad man wouldn't deny free pu$$y.

Have you ever thought about the repercussions or were you just selfish, thirsty and desperate?

Please enlighten me.

by the way, I have never been cheated on as I was aware if he was going to do it, therefore dumped his ass.

But I was reading a post on buzzfeed called "confessions of a mistress", that is what got me angry.


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  • In posts like this I always say that the blame lies equally with both genders as you say it takes two to tango and a decent man should be able to control himself.


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  • Many people think that forbidden fruit tastes better.

    Many females also find preselected men to be far more attractive than those who are not.

  • the man is as guilty as the third party. or maybe the man and his wife are in a pretty open relationship despite being married, and its not even a big deal for them. its not for you to judge this.

    i dont know why you are so bitter about this (i remember a similar post you made a while ago)

    • I am not bitter as I have never been cheated on in my life. Yes, I have more then any right to judge because I am a real woman and respect the concept ands sancitity of a marriage and sisterhood. Cheating is disgusting and brings about diseases

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    • Yet YOU are the one that started first

      "it is very simply not your business, make your own life happy instead of mingling with others'

      I can take your opinions, however dull they are, but you sure as hell won't stop me. I am a woman that likes to preach morals into this sick and twisted world. In hopes that someone would open their ears. If I die converting one slut, then I did a good job :)

    • lol "you started first", are you kidding me? its not only not true (you posted the "question"), that's also incredibly childish.

      you claim you want to preach your morals. perhaps i am doing the exact same thing. why can you be right and i cannot?

      if you truly wanted to make a difference in the world perhaps reconsider your attitude

  • Whoa whoa whoa...

    Girls cheat, men cheat... People cheat because humans aren't meant to be monogamous. Your judgmental high horsery is just selfish and desperate.

    • I am not desperate excuse me. Just judgmental :)

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    • I wanted to add a point to 2. The only thing that your born with that would be genetic would be "libido". But your sex drive does not choose who you fuck. You make the conscious choice to screw someone.

      @Asker Thanks. :)

    • @RationalLioness Lets agree on one thing - monogamy is a choice, and I agree with you that we as humans choose to be in relationships. And it's clear that neither one of us is going to convince each other to change our thinking here, so there's no need to keep repeating ourselves. You can go on thinking that monogamy is in our very DNA, and I'll go on thinking that monogamy is just a construct of society to facilitate the ownership of women.

      I do think that if you were to go on and deny the existence of these primal biological urges in humans, both male and female, you are setting yourself up for some unrealistic expectations that is bound to cause yourself a lot of heartache. If nothing else, cheating happens often enough that it is statistically improbable for cheating to be just the act of a few assholes.

  • "Complex Question!"

  • I am happily married to my wife. I love her dearly and she loves me. You can say what you want but these are facts. Another fact in our marriage is related to, well, let's call it "medical conditions". I'll skip the details, but what it comes down to is that she allows for me to have sex with others. Prostitutes are expensive and we aren't rich. I realise this is a very rare occurance, but since it exists, I am more than willing to bet others exist that are in a similar relationship. Perhaps for completely different reasons.

    Please bear in mind, always, that there are many people in the world, and not all of them share your view on things. In fact the majority won't.

    I trust you had no ill intentions with your statement but it is nevertheless a false one.

    • I can't even... I can't even comprehend this sentence.

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    • Well as I said, if a couple have arrangements, then I would understand. If not, then that is unacceptable.

    • Exactly. And it is impossible for you to know whether or not couples have such arrangements, or what those arrangements are. I would say it is entirely up to the married man to be upfront about it (so as to spare the girl from growing false hopes). Everything else is irrelevant. The girl is never at fault, she is single after all, and the guy's business is not hers (see the thing about arrangements she couldn't possibly know about).

  • They're desperate and insecure. And the men are lying scumbags.


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  • I haven't done it and won't ever do it. I've asked this question on other sites and those women always defended their actions with selfish reasons.

    Unless if the man is in a open relationship or he asked his wife if she was okay with him sleeping around to get his fix as long as he was protecting himself, then I find it to be foul.

    There are people with this fetish for screwing a married person or they think that the person will choose them over their spouse. It's pathetic honestly.

    • These women defended their actions? Yeah just like how whores say "it's a job"

    • Lol. Yeah. They did. They said, "Wait until it happens to you". For instance, one woman had a sick husband... and she felt that it was okay to sleep around. Another wasn't having any sex with hers... so she slept around.

      They wanted to have and eat their cake too. It's sick and sad.

    • I hope those women die of Aids.

  • I knew he'd be separated for a while, so I thought it was okay, little did I know that wasn't the case, yes it takes two to tango, but then again a lot of people lie just to have their way. There are those few who take enjoyment out of getting with people that are taken, I don't think they're out to ruin peoples relationship, most people don't think of repercussions, this may not answer your question because I haven't purposely been a 'misstress' etc. But whatever you're going through, I hope it gets better.

    • I have never been cheated on and your case is ok, some men are lying pigs that want to get their dicks wet.

    • It's true! I truly believe that it's rare to find true monogamy, I feel like people cheat now more than ever.

  • the guy is a scumbag for letting another woman flirt with him long enough for it to escalate into actually cheating.
    I would think a girl just has her sights set on a good looking or successful guy and doesn't care if he's married or not.

    • Hence why she is thirsty. I mean, if I am interested in someone, I would take quite a long time to know who he is before merely jumping blindly on a new relationship.

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    • Did you know that I was once at a Christmas party for work in a boat. The vibe was beautiful and romantic. I locked eyes with an amazingly gorgeous guy and couldn't believe that he would lock eyes with me. He came up to me and said "you know, you are by far the most beautiful woman on this boat". I was extremely flattered. So I proceeded to talk to him and then I asked him this "So, Andy. WHy is a gorgeous guy like you still single?". He said this "I am not technically single, but my girlfriend andI are about to break up and I am wanting a new girlfri-"

      Me: Nice to know you, Andy.

      Then got up.

    • Alright? That's you. For some people it doesn't matter, if the person is attractive and they want to sleep with them then the fact that they're in a relationship won't stop them, and if it doesn't stop the person IN the relationship then it was doomed from the start anyways.
      All I'm saying is it's the person who has a SO who has the obligation not to cheat, not the random single person.

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