Why am I not getting hired?

I have applied nonstop for years and no luck.


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  • Are you fully qualified for the jobs you are applying to? Have you sent in all the necessary documentation required? Are you available when needed for those positions? Have you had others review and potentially edit your resume to make sure it's appealing and grammatically correct? Finishing up schooling may make you more desirable to employers, of course, so keep that in mind.

    • This isn't a career job. I am studying for my career job. This is like a job in retail. I want a job until I get my career job. Maybe if I was a hot stud things would be easier for me in getting a job.

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    • Currently yes, all hours, but fall, winter, and spring, only certain hours and days because of school.

    • Maybe that was the issue for a while then. While you are in school and they need help, maybe you weren't able to meet all the hours/days/times they needed you to.

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  • Do you have appropriate qualifications?

    You should probably ask them why you aren't getting hired

    • That would be awkward.

    • How would that be awkward? Just explain that you'd like to improve for the next time you apply for a job.

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  • Well what field are you looking for employment in?

    • @Phoenix98 Retail, cleaning, or usher. I have applied for years nonstop. I am going to finish studying for my career job like next spring. I think I am going to graduate then and I need a job before I get my career job just like everyone else.

    • huh well that doesn't make much sense, those 3 are like some of the easiest jobs to get, maybe there just aren't any spots in your area available?

  • Maybe try a new tactic... I've been trying for 3 months now

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