I normally wouldn't ask but?

Hey, i have been working somewhere that pays minimum wage. I like the people but some of the managers and i don't get along. It's retail so you can guess that. I'm old enough now that i want to go to college and move out but i can't do that on this low income.
I recently applied for a new job at Starbucks. But i didn't really think it through. I got the job but i don't own the right shirts or shoes for the job. And i only own one pair of pants appropriate for it. I also sweat easily and i have anxiety. You have to wear pants all year. It gets hot here. Also i think you have to cook food? (I may be wrong) but im a vegetarian and i get sick around meat (main reason i can't work at McDonald's.)
My question is; am i being paranoid and i should keep the job offer? Should i just splurge and buy new clothes and calm down?
Or is this not the job for me?
I applied because i love coffee. And i love Starbucks. But I've been reading about being a barista now after the interview and i had a panic attack just thinking it. Please help.


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  • If you think Starbucks is a better job, go for it. You obviously dislike the one you have now. Plus Starbucks will help you with college.

    You can just toodle down to the thrift store and pick up some shirts on the cheap nbd until you have more money.

    Also think about finding a low cost or sliding scale clinic so you can get your anxiety under control.


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  • "just splurge and buy new clothes"
    Trust me you will never get enough money to do anything you want on minimum wage.
    For almost all new jobs you will need to buy the uniform.
    Calm down and breath also try to get out of your own head.
    To easily get out of your on head just go for a run and run until you can't run no more.


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  • First.. Your thinking a lot into it. Just buy the new pants, at least you won't have to deal with people you dislike. Starbucks doesn't serve any meat though lol if you cook it may just be like deserts or savery foods. I think you go through with the job👍