What will you do in this sitch?

we all hate it when there are dumb ass people on the road who almost put us in a traffic collision that was unnecessary. BUUUUTTTT what if... it was intentional?

the fudge would you do then!(?)

  • madness! it will be madness!
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  • ill just let it go man
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  • that headbutt though... LOL
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  • wow.. seriously?
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  • well... (2 cents muggah fuggah!)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol he's worried about his kids when he was driving the wrong way?(!)

    • hahaa right! totally on the opposite side of the road. hey its an early morning to ya.

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    • I wish I was to cool for school! 🙏 Some day I will teach you the art of CHILLAXING! & have fun on your rest day!
      Buh-bye for now!

    • Going all anon & mysterious now? 😛

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What Girls Said 4

  • LOVE the headbutt! The guy stands up and you can tell he has NO idea what to do, haha! People are assholes behind the wheel and never wrong, ever.

  • This happened where I live. The guy and woman got in their truck to follow this motorcycle because it was speeding by their house but the driver was charged

    • you mean the video took place where you live? or a similar incident occurred where you live?

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    • are these people like your next door neighbors? hahaa

    • Nawl this happened on the road I was down the road watching this... the guy was coming from their street so they met the motorcycle guy the opposite direction that's how they came in contact.

  • Wow... "Mother @#$%ing kids"... People like these real stupid.

    • a head on collision would have proven terrible for the kids

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    • Me too dude, I wish the same.

    • Yesssss very

  • Omg idiots. I hate people like that

    • it is damn repulsive hahaa

What Guys Said 4

  • What I don't quite understand about Americans is that you guys have soooooo much space, sooooo many roads (for relatively few people) and such big roads (at least high ways often have 8 or even 10 lanes), yet there seem to be a lot of people getting into fights with each other and experiencing road rage (there are a lot of questions on here about road rage these days). I live in Switzerland and I have lived in Seoul (South Korea) before and in both places, people live much closer together. Both countries are much more densely populated. And streets in Switzerland are usually smaller (high ways rarely have more than 4 lanes). Yet, there isn't a lot road rage. I wonder if either this is just a stereotype/rumor about the US or if there are a lot of aggressive people or what exactly is the matter...

    • im pretty sure its that people get their rage mode on a lot in the states, not all. I've never seen an 8-10 lane road in the states though, most I've ever seen is 4 on the freeway, not including HOV lane.

    • Yeah, I agree. And no, I meant 8-10 altogether (in both directions), so that would be 4-5 in every direction.

    • oh both directions, quite right then.

  • What assholes, some people have no respect for bikes or see them as well and bikes have no real protection, you really to be on the defensive unless you're one of those idiots that drive between cars

    • yeah, riders have no protection from anything really. leathers are only good for a slide, not impact.

    • I use to ride a long time ago but it just got to dangerous

  • I voted B since that's what I would try... release the tension by trying to open a polite (not necessarily nice) discussion on what just happened. Not to point a finger at the other, but to try and avoid a riot. Try :-)

    • trying is the best thing we as humans can do :P

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    • Thanks for that explanation @prettygurl23!

    • You welcome!!

  • Not gonna lie, I'd be so happy to be alive I'd suck my own wang.

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