Is my boyfriend into another girl?

This girl transferred to our school in the beginning of the year & friends told me my boyfriend would always check her out when she speaks and walks by him and when he sees her in class. My friends also say that they heard him talk to his friend about how would probably fuck her if given the chance. I'm not in that class so I don't know. But I noticed that before school started (all throughout summer) he liked about 90% of my pics on Instagram and after the first day of school until he was basically rejected by her, he only liked about 10% of my insta pics. Then apparently someone asked her if she liked him and she said no, he started liking my pics again. So like after he basically got rejected he started focusing back on me more. Does this prove that he wants her and stayed because she didn't want him?

  • Yes. And the Instagram thing shows that.
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  • Yes but the Instagram thing doesn't prove anything
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  • No. He's not into that girl.
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What Guys Said 1

  • I guess he was admiring her that is all

    • Like a crush?

    • a physical admiration a crush involves feelings :)

What Girls Said 2

  • I would say ask him if he likes her! Dont say it in an accusing manner but for your own information. Dont get upset as well!

  • It sounds like he is into her.