Why was this not mentioned on CNN about McKinney, TX?

No sooner do I finish doing a myTake on my theories as to what's really going on, than video emerges all but confirming it.


Something noteworthy: Why so much focus on Casebolt pinning the girl down, and not on him tending to her after he got her under control? And why no mention of the random acts of car theft, assault, and vandalism these "kids" were engaging in? Now, thrid-rate celebrities are calling for Casebolt's whole family to be murdered simply for trying to keep order in the streets?

Those who insist on the Whoopi narrative should inquire on why Benet Embry, a black radio host, dares to disagree. Mr. Embry's radio show has already received terrorist-like threats because of his refusal to side with Whoopi. Do your homework, everyone. Life will grade you on how well you do it.


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  • Doesn't fit the running narrative these days. Media loves to fan the flames of racial discord, the riots make for better ratings.

    • You're clearly white. Anyone who knows the minority experience wouldn't let themselves sound so stupid and unaware.

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    • You didn't even bother to look, did you? Whatever, I've said my piece. I'm done.

    • By the way, @asker, sorry to say it but that mytake looks just plain nuts.

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  • Perhaps because the events leading up to not justify or excuse that unstable, verbally abusive, out of control man's behavior.
    There is so much focus on him pinning the girl down because according to the video: SHE DID NOT BREAK THE LAW, she did not interfere with his police work, and she essentially did nothing besides exercise her first amendment as she FOLLOWED HIS INSTRUCTIONS TO WALK AWAY. Not only that, but there's something HIGHLY disturbing about a grown man tackling an UNARMED, HALF-NAKED GIRL IN A BIKINI so viciously when she clearly was not a threat. He tossed her ONTO THE CONCRETE like a rag, PULLED HER HAIR like a catty, cowardly b*tch, then further continued to be forceful with her AS SHE COMPLIED AND SAT ON THE GROUND by shoving her face into the filthy ground and sitting on her pubescent body. He could have physically harmed her with his fat ass!

    Not to mention, the girl wasn't even the initial reason why the police were called. He abused his power because he couldn't handle being addressed with the utmost respect and courtesy which he was not demonstrating. The man is wrong. Point blank period. His actions are completely disgusting and the leading events don't make him look any less ridiculous, out of line, and absolutely deplorable.

    • He was "unstable" and "verbally abusive" and "out of control?" What of the home invaders? What of the car thieves? They were NOT? And the half-naked girl was starting fights in a neighborhood that was not her own. Not a threat? BS! She was disturbing the peace! And resisting arrest!

      Have you ever witnessed actual police brutality? Women in straight jackets getting knuckle sandwiched for asking to use the bathroom? And does it not smell to you that the other officers complied with a Uriah strategy to isolate Casebolt and force him to desperation?

      Do you not see that these thugs were all staging this specifically to set him up? It's a false-flag operation. Obama whet his appetite starting this BS and trusting ABC and NBC to spread half-truths and fan the flames. Ferguson and Baltimore burned. Now, he lusts for more. You're playing into their hands.

    • @Asker None of that matters. What matters is that he ASSAULTED A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL IN A BIKINI.
      A 14 year old in a bikini does not deserve to be assaulted, humiliated, and verbally abused because some 'car thieves' were around.

      You sound disgusting. I'm not going to sit here and listen to you bark, blabber, and try to justify a 14 year old, unarmed girl being manhandled and treated like a criminal. You sound like the typical closet-racist who carries prejudice thoughts therefore sees nothing wrong with something like this.

    • Not only that, but I didn't ask to listen to your nonsense suspicious about the recent riots.
      You are talking too much. Don't tell me I'm "playing into the hands" of a bunch of STRANGERS for not jumping on your egotistical, unempathetic, wanna be know it all bandwagon.

  • He had no right to be putting his hands in that girl. No right what so ever and wouldn't have done so if she was white. Sorry

    • Further white kids run from the cops in situTions like that all the time. House party whatever. The cops are usually too fat, don't care and only go after the ones that stay with light calls to their parents or MIP's or whatever. No handcuffing, no down on the ground... not okay. I'm just glad some adults stood by to stand witness and keep it from getting more out of hand. There isn't much else they can do but call the DA and private attorneys when cops go Rambo on some kids like that.

    • I don't believe that for a second. I have seen far too many YouTube videos to the contrary. He was following a procedure that is quite common for ALL girls who defy orders to calm down and who resist arrest.

    • If she was white, there would be an entirely different reaction. Yet it's like because she was black, people assume that she innately deserved that sort of brutal, excessive force.

  • I'm sure the kids who were being a "disturbance" may have been in the wrong as well, but they didn't get caught. The cop clearly pulled down everybody that was black. I watched the videos and gifs several times the other day. How is it thag the police can't find the white woman who beat down the black teen girl. I'm sure the woman couldnt run off that far. The cop clearly went overboard. I think he sniffed a little something before going on duty. And omg when he tripped and tried to do a barrel roll? Hilarious. The other cops were at least nice about questioning people. He should have been more calm like them. Even the boy recording the crap assumes the cop was slick racist...

    • Do you know for a fact that the white lady assaulted the black gal unprovoked? Yes, it is strange that the vast majority of the troublemakers just so happened to be black. Unless... that's the plan and they are being paid by ACORN to do this? Because that's the exact same thing that happened in Baltimore. Outside agitators paid by ACORN to instigate trouble. Only ACORN got caught in Baltimore: they stiffed the rioters. They forgot to mention their local chapter in Baltimore was bankrupt.

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    • The girl was being held back by two guys... The woman was punching the crap out ole girl

    • Girl, there's no talking sense to this delusional bigot who truly mistakenly believes he knows everything.
      He's racist otherwise he wouldn't condone that officer's disgusting, tactless, degrading, humiliating, out of line behavior.

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  • They didn't show it because it didn't matter the officer was clearly out of line. Stack that on top of the law suits he already had for racial slurs and sexual assault he doesn't have an alibi nor any reason not to go to jail.

    • Define "slur." Because "punk" and "thug" refers to behavior, not color.

    • He already had law suits for racial slurs towards black people I don't believe I need to say which ones but the obvious n bombs and calling them monkeys note

  • read the article on yahoo like 2 days ago, apparently there is a lot more to the story than what you see on video.

    • bee-tee-dubs what is a third-rate celebrity?

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    • @Espiorare: Pulling away is a threat. Police training 101.

    • @Esplorare whoa d00d I wasn't taking a stand hahaa :P

  • yeah defend the guy didn't even question the white lady who started the whole fight to begin with. You will defend police negligence and brutality no matter what the outcome

    • How did she "start" it, by asking them what they were doing there? And that justifies smashing windows and stealing cars? You will defend thug brutality no matter what, I guess.

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    • The Klan and Panthers are both owned by the Democrat Party. I'm Constitution Party. You're wrong. This was a false-flag operation, and I'm counting the minutes until ACORN is implicated in staging it. Those vandals and party crashers were trespassing, and only a stooge who's in on it would call them innocent.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtxeKuSFpaE

      This woman makes more sense than everything else I've heard so far. And nobody can call her "racist" for this.

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