Hi guys I need some expert advice from people who r good with food?

Basically I work on the beach and I need to pack a high calorie lunch that is non perishable and can stay out in the sun/heat for many hours.

Typically I've been bringing
-Peanut Butter
- Crackers
- Nuts/seeds and dry fruit.

Do you have any good ideas as too what else I can bring. Thanks so much. This a serious problem and I wanna make sure I'm getting my nutrition on point.

It has to be stuff that I can just keep in like a regular ol backpack. With no ice pack or cooling device.


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  • food expert bananas has been summoned.

    i always go for the following when all i have is a bag/backpack:
    -apples [no they dont go bad]
    -bars. the healthy kind. u could buy some really amazing ones that are healthy and dense in calories.
    - nuts like u said. theyre a great snack.
    - a sandwich. dont fill it with meat or sauce. u could use cheese, peanut butter, nutella or whatever else u like. if ur wrapping it with cling wrap this isn't a problem.
    -anything canned will be fine as well.
    - water. take lots of water cuz chances are you'll be drinking that more.

    id also recommend that u dont just chuck ur food in ur backpack. u MUST have a small container or something. heck a plastic bag would do u some good. u could even invest in one of those small lunch boxes with the ice cooler. it's not that hard or expensive. if this is a serious problem like u say, invest in one.

    • Thanks , I 4got about bars I'll buy some kashi granolas n possibly some protein bars n yea apples r nice but I prefer da sauz.

    • ur welcome man.
      glad i helped a little. just stroll through ur local store and I'm sure you'll find other ideas :)

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  • If u can get your hands on a hand-me-down insulated lunch pail, you can freeze a bottle of water and keep that in your bag with your lunch.

    The frozen water in the bottle melting in an insulated bad = simulated refrigeration!

    I'm telling u bro, you can probably find SOMEONE in your family who can let u use a hand-me-down insulated lunch pail or bag. In generations past those things were vital!

  • Banana and nuts/seeds

  • Rice. Hahahahahaha

    • Cooked rice is not good to stay out in the sun. Brooo. Totally not helping.

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