What should I expect when I next see this girl?

Today at college my friends (she's not a proper friend) seemed hyped up on energy drink and was hardly saying anything that made sense. She always talks about her sex life and while she did today she thought I was giving her a long disgusted look when actually I was trying to figure out what she was even going on about and was staring in mid space. She put her hand up against my face and was like 'don't look at me like that. You look at me like that again and I sware I'll slap you round the face'. I tried to defend myself but she wouldn't let me explain. She went 'you we're looking at me as if I were some hore'. Obviously it looked like I was looking at her from the corner of her eye but she weren't even looking straight at me to see if I was giving her a dirty look. It did upset me but hey ho. So many bitches in this world. But I'm not used to being treated like that because I'm a kind person and don't cause trouble.


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  • she was kinda mean wasn;'t she?

    • She was. I didn't even do anything. She completely misunderstood me but went way over the top.

  • Honestly i would punch her tbh

    • Not my thing. I'm a peacemaker. 😂

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    • Throw a computer screen at her that bitch ain't fucking with your ass again

    • This girl thinks she's so hard. Tho if I did anything like that I think ill find her kicking my own backside. Not a flighty person. Considering that upset me I doubt if be brave to take a punch in the face. Am too soft. And too kind lol.

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