Is it illegal, or even cared about, if another countries flag is "disrespected"?

Like I already think the shit people say and do about the flag being stepped on is stupid enough, as to me its a piece of fucking fabric and not a living breathing person, but lets say another countries flag, like Germany, is being stepped on. Then what? Is it such an unlawful action or because it isn't America, it's okay?

Now let me go ahead and cover things I know will surely be said against me:
I am American, born and raised here as well as my parents, grand-parents, and great-grand parents.
Never moved to another country when young, stayed in the US forever.
Not a terrorist.
I respect all soldiers, but not the flag. Its a piece of fabric in my eyes, not the actual soldier in combat or at home or in the barracks or wherever. It's something that looks nice.
I respect soldiers for doing what they do as I never made it through basic, me being trans really started fucking with my head and through me over the edge, to put it nicely.
I respect soldiers and what they do, but not the flag as all it does is wave in the wind.
When I do the pledge, I do it because I have to if people are watching. Sometimes, I just don't do it at all.

Basically, I just see the flag as just that. A flag. A piece of fabric. An overrated piece of fucking fabric that has red, white, and blue on it like so many others. And for those who might say, "if you have such an issue, then move/leave" don't worry. I'm just biding my time.


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  • Disrespecting any flag of any nation while on their soil ( and even off their soil ) is wrong. Your right it is a piece of fabric but it's also more then that, it is also a symbol, a symbol of what our ancestors fought, bled and died for on two separate occasions on our soil. One of which granted you the freedom you have now, and also what our soldiers have fought to protect for the last 200 some years.

    The Flag stands as a symbol of Liberty, Justice and Freedom for all people it always has even now ( despite our horrid government )

    A single American flag is draped over each and every single coffin of our fallen soldiers. To honor them for their service and their sacrifice and as a reminder that we never leave a man behind dead or alive.

    A burial flag after the taps has played is folded into the symbolic tri-cornered flag, and given to the next of kin after the ceremony for soldiers who are Eligible like my grandfather, given a marines military funeral.

    Anyone who falls under one of these is eligible

    Veteran who served during wartime
    Veteran who died on active duty after May 27, 1941
    Veteran who served after January 31, 1955
    peacetime Veteran who was discharged or released before June 27, 1950
    certain persons who served in the organized military forces of the Commonwealth of the Philippines while in service of the U. S. Armed Forces and who died on or after April 25, 1951
    certain former members of the Selected Reserves

    After a flag has been used for a Military or Veterans funeral, it should never be flown again or displayed in any other way than in the tri-fold shape in which it was presented to the next of kin. In other words, the folded flag should never be "opened" again. There are many appropriate display cases available for purchase to display the burial flag and to protect it from wear and fading.

    So show some damn respect, that's the problem with this generation no respect, for the flag, country or tradition.

    • I have respect for things that deserve respect. I respect my elders, I respect women the way I was taught, I respect our soldiers, police officers, laws, president, judges, and PEOPLE. I can't bring myself to respect a fucking piece of fabric thats been overrated in my eyes.

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    • Terrorists use the bitch as toilet paper when they shit. Those people who burn the damn thing are doing exactly what they are able to do. Freedom of speech and expression. Our rights are relative, we are allowed to them as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others. It might be a shot to your pride and eyes to see it, but nobody is hurting you.

      Quite frankly, you're boring and annoying me. If you have an issue, feel free to message me and I'll get back to you when I feel like dealing with you. If you want an immediate message, you can ask for my damn phone number and call me so we can continue it there. Otherwise, fuck off.

    • There's a difference, and a fine line between exerting your rights and abusing those rights which are not entitled to you, and I that won't be necessary I have nothing further to say to you boy.

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  • im not sure what they do here if our flag is disrespected, but I'm interested to look it up later.

    anyway, i understand ur view, and I'm sure everyone acknowledges that a flag is nothing but a coloured piece of fabric. however that isn't the point. the people who get upset over these things focus on what the flag REPRESENTS, not the material itself. the flag is a sign, a symbol representing a nation and those who belong to it.

    if u think about it, why else would anyone be so stupid as to burn, step on or rip up a coloured piece of fabric? they know what it means to people, and they know it's gonna offend. that's y they do it.

  • I thought that was a crime o_o

  • I agree. Only overly patriotic nuts care.

    • Like my military friends. Get way too offended. Shit I was texting and accidentally stepped on one and was football tackled as someone failed to make sure I didn't. I didn't see the damn thing, like relax. And I called the police on that asshole, popped my damn shoulder out.

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    • No that was some random ass guy I never met! My friend was the reason he got caught and had to pay, he punched the shit out of dude and knocked him out.

    • That's crazy :/

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  • Is it illegal?
    Flag desecration is in some states and of course countries that are so loosely held together the very act of burning down a piece of cloth will threaten their national unity.

    It's in bad taste and is a metaphorical FUCK YOU to whoever the flag represents but to make it punishable by law is akin to thought control where respect to an a flag no matter the ideology it stands for aligns with yours is demanded by statute.

    I say people can burn all the flags they want to. I find it distasteful but it is freedom of speech after all. I can't forbid other's freedom of speech because it might hurt my oh so fragile feelings.

  • Is this question inspired by the flag poem?


    "What's that fluttering in a breeze?
    It's just a piece of cloth
    that brings a nation to its knees.

    What's that unfurling from a pole?
    It's just a piece of cloth
    that makes the guts of men grow bold.

    What's that rising over a tent?
    It's just a piece of cloth
    that dares the coward to relent.

    What's that flying across a field?
    It's just a piece of cloth
    that will outlive the blood you bleed.

    How can I possess such a cloth?
    Just ask for a flag, my friend.
    Then blind your conscience to the end."

    Round of applause for John Agard?

    I mostly agree with his poem, he knows what he's doing

  • Its not that you should Respect the actual, Litteral physical flag before you, Its that you should Respect what that flag represents, How it was earned, What it stands for.
    Obviously there is Exceptions to this, Like the ISIS Flag
    Which, besides looking like it was made by a 2 year old on Microsoft paint, It Represents all the scum and Vilany that the human race can unleash, Flags like yes, They should be fucking spat on. ;)

    • I never knew what it looked like until now. Looks weird, but I'm not to judge as I can't read the language, is it Arabic?

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    • ^ Not an opinion, A Fact ;)

    • Well sure, I guess.

  • I agree with you. The problem is there are veterans around who were taught to literally die for their flag. Sure stepping on a flag is disrespectful but these guys worship the flag as if it were alive. They hold ceremonies for proper disposal of a worn flag. To me that is idolatry of the worst kind. I'll die for my wife, family and my way of life but not for a printed piece of cloth made in Taiwan and stapled to a dowel.

    • Thats how I feel. Even my old recruiter thinks it stupid.

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    • I stand corrected on use of 'him.'
      While women are serving equally in harm's way, they are not generally placed in combat situations.

    • Well as long as you get that they're serving.
      It just made several of us angry that many say 'him' and 'men' and seem to intentionally forget women. Which is probably why many females did better on their PT test then the males. The girls were getting pissed and I was one of them.

  • tbh i feel da same way bro... flags don't mean anything at all... it's just a... flag o_O

  • Remember reading somewhere that it's illegal to fly the Union Jack in residential areas in London. That was classic.

  • It's the least of my problems.

  • You are a black guy and frankly it does not surprise me that you don't respect the flag. You come from a narcissistic culture.

    • Thats racist as hell. But I'm not surprised considering you're older.

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    • And I didn't get preference actually. I got denied twice, only getting in due to going to the community college and busting my ass left and right in taking high level classes to strengthen my chances of getting it.

    • You have a chance and most importantly you know it. Good luck.

  • I don't give a shit, it's just material man!