What's your favorite song by X-Perience?

X-Perience is a German electronic/synth band from Berlin. Their music style varies between synthpop, trance, dream-dance and ethnopop.

Ps - It's hard to find most of their music videos on Youtube, but there are some on Myspace:



  • Magic Fields:
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  • Circles Of Love:
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  • A Neverending Dream:
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  • Mirror:
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  • My Life Goes On:
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  • Journey Of Life:
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  • I Don´t Care:
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I almost forgot to ask Master @Klaatu51
I bet he knows this band better than most of the GaG-ers :P


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  • Magic Fields and Circles of love are the best of the best :)


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  • I never heard of them so I'll sit and listen for a while then get back to you. lol

    • Ok, thanks :)

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    • Thanks for MH! lol

    • Thank you for your contribution :D

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  • I like them all, but Circles of love is kinda the best...

    • Yeah, Circles of Love and Magic Fields are my favorites too :)

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