Who else thinks that "Hannibal" his an underrated show?

So I went throught 2 seasons of Hannibal wich his a show on NBC...
I gotta say I was pumped for it from the get-go... But I should mention it trumped all my expectations...
It his such a great show... One of those hypra dark Drama/ Horror/ Thriller... But I have seen some tremendous achievement in the cinematography and the refine aspect of the show, wether it his the plot or dialogue... It his all behond great in my eyes... Perhaps better than any other cinematography I have ever witnessed in a Tv show... Maybe not greater than any other in terms of paste, excitement and plot, but at least a great sense of movie or television making...
Go see it now if you din't stumble across it already...
Soo who else thinks that the show his not getting the credit it deserves?


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  • Definitely, I haven't seen any of season 3 yet, I'm gonna wait until I have a cluster of episodes to binge on! I think the whole production is brilliant creatively and everyone brings something to their parts.

    • Thanksformho!

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  • I think that it was underrated, sure. I don't think it's my favourite show but I do think that it was pretty good and it did justice to the books.

    • Ya I don't think it's my favorite show either... Just because it his so complex and serious... But I do think it's a great accomplishement for a TV show...
      I am just a little more "light-hearted" when it comes to TV episodes

    • That's true. But I think that it is probably my favourite cinematography. The lighting and colour that they use is gorgeous, plus Mads Mikkelson is amazing.

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