How do you know when you love someone?

How do you know if you love someone or if it's just infatuation? Are there specific signs, or tells. Is it the way they make you feel? I can't tell. I've liked people and thought I loved them but it wasn't love.. but now I really do think I love this person yet I still question weather it is love or just strong liking?

What do you guys think love is?


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  • Sadly something i'm afraid ill never experience, I heard it feels quite good tho? :/

    • Why do you system you'll never experience it?

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    • I'm Asexual :/

    • okay well Asexual is a person who has no sexual feelings or desires, but they can still be involved in a romantic relationship just without the sex.

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  • When I can't stop thinking about him AND he has the qualities I'm looking for in a man