Why do females tell a guy they are pregnant when they leave them?

So my boyfriend and I broke up briefly, almost two months. And during that time we didn't talk much, but still spoke when need be for bills and our dog. After about a month or so after. He slept with some girl who would hangout at the neighbor's apartment. This went on for a week or two.

He later then tried talking to me and let me know how he felt and that he missed me and even told me about the girl and what happened and that it was just sex not a relationship and she was over there a lot n would sleep there a lot because she would always sleep at the neighbors before that. But all his roommates and him and their girlfriends say he made it clear there was no relationship between them. It was just sex. He didn't want to date her.

i let it go. We weren't together and he told me about which shows that he can be trusted and explained that he wanted to be over me n was trying to use her to get past it. I told him that was wrong especially since he told his mom he broke up with me cause I needed to learn more independence and that he was waiting n seeing if I could n then would come back. Also be more finically stable...

needless to to say the girl turned out to be crazy and blew up on him and popped his air mattress one day. Just walked in to his apartment with his roommates there and popped it and left... she also wrote on his car and mine with a car marker...

my question is this girl text him and say I'm pregnant and he said you're not cause I never came in you so that's a liar and she pulled I am three days late but the test is negative but I am never late... Then she is out drinking...

why why do some girls do this? Say they are pregnant when they aren't? Trying to keep them there?

  • She's just desperate, an attempt to keep him with her. Pathetic.
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  • Maybe she was but she lost it?
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  • Bitches be crazy
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  • She's pregnant and irresponsible
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  • She just thought she was but found out she isn't
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She isn't pregnant and basically after the whole ordeal never said a word again. Nothing about being pregnant or keeping up with that story.


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  • She is obviously not really sane. No sane person writes on the other person's car with a marker.


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  • Well it sounds like she might not be pregnant but for the record you can get pegnant if you are just using the pull out method.

    As for why they do it, I got your back Jack, bitches be crazy!

    • I know the pull out method can still get you pregnant. But I know him when and if he does that he pulls out mad early and then finishes himself. Which I know pre cum can happen. But I also know he used condoms as well...

      It's sad. She did all that and then tries the pregnant card but instead she got a restraining order after writing in our cars after telling him she was pregnant and trying to start a fight with and screaming profanity at me and yelling. I felt bad for her at first for what happened and then she did that so I don't as much. It was two weeks. Get over it.

      Today he told though that apparently she had liked him since he moved in like dec-jan even thought we were dating. So as soon as she found out we had spilt for a little she made her move... I told her straight up after her screaming at me n writing on the cars. Learn to not spread your legs at the drop of hat and things like this wouldn't happen. She needs to be classy. Wait. self respect. Make sure the guy wants u.

    • Yea that all definitely screams "crazy bitch."

    • Exactly.

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  • Many reasons. It could be because she truly is and didn't want to tell him but she panicked. She was saving it as a surprise. Or she is desperately trying to get her to stay.

    • It's desperate. She wasn't really we saw her drinking the next day and smoking. she was smoking cigs and pot even when she tried to say she was... She's ridiculous

  • does this even happen in real life?

    • Honestly yes and I still keep asking myself if this was real life