Are there any extroverts here? What is your thought process?

I am naturally introverted. I am trying to become more extroverted.

What is the thought process of an extrovert?

For me, I tend to think everything before I say it... how can I be different?


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  • Every test I take it says I'm a extroverted but almost an ambivert. I am what I am and think what I think. I don't have a clue on how to become one.

    • what is your thought process when socializing? Do you talk before you think? Do you care what you say to people or think about it at all?

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    • finding other people's life stories very interesting is something I should work on... that might be the key to my problem...

    • It could be.

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  • It's mostly I'm bored and there's a person also waiting for the same thing I am. *conversation starter*

    You can still think before you talk, silly! Just do it way faster and settle on something easy and positive. Liiiiiike let's say you're waiting for pizza and so is the dude or lady in front of you. Just be all " wow! everyone has the same dinner plans tonight!" or "I guess you know it's the right pizza place when you have to wait!"

    Ta da! Small talk achieved.


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  • I am a total introvert but don't mind being one

    • doesn't that make it hard to meet girls? Or did it when you were younger...

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    • Just thought I was quiet

    • that's not so bad...