Is this normal?

I get REALLY BAD cuteness attacks from my nephew and it makes me feel like exploding and dying he's so cute! I feel like exploding, don't know what to do, like my heart is gonna pop out. I even get this feeling/pressure in my chest. Is this normal? I feel like what I experience with cuteness no one else does


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  • That's such a cute kid 😍 haha, I get the same way with my little cousins. I even had a dream recently where I was just holding one of my baby cousins... I miss babies :(

    • Oh really? So it is?

    • If it wasn't no one would want a baby lol, think about it, all they bring to the table is ridiculous cutness. They cry a lot, you have to feed them, they poop smelly smelly poop and you have to change it, they are useless other than being cute.

    • Haha that's true. I didn't think that it affected anyone like it does me

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  • Yes, I feel this way with my niece and, puppies. Man I miss her so much.😞

    • How do you deal with it?

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    • Yes, it definitely is. I never got to really be around any of my nieces and, nephews while they were babies.

    • Aw that sucks. I wish I could be around more too with my nephew and the next baby