Tension Management: I completely break down in pressure. Sometimes I become completely void in pressure. How can I avoid this?


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  • No idea! I'm having the same issue...

    Maybe try finding a mentor in the same line of work who can help you, show you some pointers.


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  • Really? you don't strike me as someone who would crack under pressure hmmm. Well what kind of pressure work, personal etc?

    • ahah actually i am sales manager and now does not like my job because of extra work pressure. It happens with all of us, till we find our niche or we stick to live with it. First of all satisfied by the job and and liking the job are two different stuff.

    • Ah that kind, well that would crack anyone after a while some of those jobs just drain the life out of you, I was under the impression that you required help or advice at least that was what I got from your title/question, or are you offering it lol, not sure which one it is?

  • Maybe ask people in same job as you and ask how they handle it

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