Ectogenesis: Opinions?

So, recently there have been articles in science magazines explaining the science behind "artificial wombs" or ectogenesis. Obviously, there is going to be a massive debate on the ethics behind it when it comes out, if not already. I just want to get some opinions on the matter.

As for myself, I can't wait for ectogenesis.

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  • As a Pentecostal Christian I can't support it, creating and growing literal life is playing god and that's something I can't support.

    • I'm Christian as well, and I have an alternate view: if God gave us the ability to do something, since all things come by His hand, and He didn't say anything about not doing it, then it must be acceptable in the eyes of God. Otherwise, why would he disallow something but not inspire the writers of the Bible to write it down? If the Bible is truly the source of all knowledge pertaining to the nature of God, why would He exclude a very important law?
      It is in my opinion that God wants man to achieve great technological feats, as understanding and applying ourselves to our world in it's fullest is to appreciate God's creation fully. If God wanted us to remain ignorant of the workings of the world, He would have simply prevented us from understanding. Instead, daily we delve deeper into His creation, knowing it better, and through that, knowing Him better.

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    • Like you said a battle of ethics.

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  • I'd be up for it as long as the fetus got everything it needed. But like I wonder about things like how would the baby come out as far as stress tolerance, immune system, exposure to plastics and metals, and a ton of other things. Like if I somehow wanted kids I wouldn't be one of the first signing up for artificial ones.


What Guys Said 2

  • Sounds good if @Dandeus prediction comes true

  • It would allow women who can't bear children naturally to have children without having to resort to a surrogate mother. Good thing in my opinion.