I need moral help :( ?

hey guys
i don't really know how to start , but i feel some sort of depression lately , i feel like all earth problems are surrounding me , i keep thinking in the future , sometimes i say (just think positive) and it works for a while then everything get bad again.. how can i deal with this?
and there's a girl who i met on the internet , (we're from different countries) , we always talk by voice. . etc i feel so interested in her and sometimes i feel like she's interested too but i don't think so , we're like friends right now
and this makes me afraid of falling in love , then encountering a shock later
what do you suggest to do?
i don't feel Good at all


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  • "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." -- FDR

    So don't be afraid. Fall in love, meet lots of girls, get involved in civic and government affairs, do what needs to be done, change the world.

    That's how you handle it.


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  • know that the universe has a plan, ask to be guided and you will find answers!


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  • Let karma decide for you - Don't overthink just talk to girl and see what connection you have.

  • Don't shut yourself off from her. Keep talking to her, stay friends.
    Realize that a LDR can be real tough, or almost impossible depending on the distance... it's how much effort you both put in it, to make it possible

    • what do you mean bu LDR?

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    • maybe you're right thanks man

    • I hope this helps, best of luck

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