What do you think of the Saving Chase case? What do you think of the father insisting on circumcizing his son? What do you think of the court order?

Hironimus and her 4-year-old-son's father, Dennis Nebus, have been warring for years over whether to have the boy's foreskin removed. She initially agreed in a parenting agreement filed in court, then changed her mind, giving way to a long legal fight. Circuit and appellate judges have sided with the father. With her legal options dwindling, Hironimus went missing in February , and ignored a judge's order that she appear in court and give her consent for the surgery to be performed. A warrant was issued, but she wasn't located until May 14 at a Broward Countyshelter where she was staying with her son.
Brought before Judge Jeffrey Gillen on Friday , Hironimus again declined to sign a consent form for the surgery, and she was advised SHE WOULD REMAIN JAILED INDEFINITELY. After the hearing recessed and she reconsidered, she reluctantly agreed to sign, sobbing as she put pen to paper. Though the signature solved a contempt charge against her, she still faces a criminal charge of interference with child custody. Lawyers for both the mother and father have declined to comment, citing an ongoing gag order in the case. The parents had a six-month relationship but were never married. The father has called circumcision "just the normal thing to do." Georganne Chapin, executive director of Intact America, which advocates against circumcision, said the images of a distraught Heather Hironimus signing the form to allow the surgery show how she was "bullied" into it and that she doesn't truly give her consent. "If anyone finds out the circumstances under which she signed, a doctor would be insane to carry out that surgery," she said.

Intact America has received a report that 4-year-old Chase Hironimus is going to be circumcised on Thursday at Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


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  • The mother is a hero. The father is evil, probably angry and/or embarrassed about his own circumcision and wanting to inflict that barbarity on his own son.


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