Someone please help me with this poorly coded clunker of a website?

I wrote a lengthy MyTake piece, and ONLY after I attempted to post it did a banner inform me that I was required to add an image. I have no clue how to do so. Please do not say upload or download a YouTube video. That is not possible for me on my tab.

Any admins on their latte break, feel free to chime in.


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  • There's a lot wrong with this website, I don't think the regulations great and I bet the web devs are poorly paid amateurs! lmao

    • Most of them were homeless three days ago.

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    • @Asker Well at least they can afford a motel now!

      @Hannah591 It pertains to the website being a poorly coded clunker, I am in concurrence with the asker in that respect. I've been typing opinions and an advert will refresh the page and lose what I've written, I'll be damned if I'm gonna bother rewriting. As far as the regulation goes I joined up a couple of days ago and realized I couldn't post a link until I reached level 2, I asked a question why and a moderator told me it was just to stop spam: which is nonsense when you look at the adds that pop up on here for russian dating and earning $1000 a day from home! I did try to ask a question about the ads refreshing themselves and losing the text in the typespace too, but whaddayaknow, I had to wait to level 2 to ask another question!

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • You have two options.
    Right click the image you want to use and click on "copy image URL", then paste it into the take.
    Similarly, click on the picture symbol on the grey bar above the writing area and paste the URL in the bar and the site will begin to load the image. :)

    • Thanks, but none of that has worked for me.

    • I don't know why it wouldn't be working for you. I don't think you're doing it correctly. If you are, then contact an admin and explain your issue.

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  • well there is an image button on the tool bar, just copy an image link and paste it in there and BOOM.

  • You need to either copy the URL to an image and it auto-inserts it, or you need to select the button that says "add image" which is the second from the right.
    The myTake needs an image because otherwise it probably doesn't display well on the feed and would throw all kind of errors..

    • I did all of that... upload failed. Are any of the overpaid admins available?

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    • Good thing you guys volunteer. Would be a waste of a paycheck.

    • Well, I did tell you what to do.

  • just add image's link on yer take bro