Anyone here from the UK familiar with the Jobcentre?

Its been 3 months i've been on it and no luck. Earlier this week I signed on with a different advisor (my usual one was on holiday) and she recommended I do work placement. I signed the paper and she told me to bring it to the lower floor to this lady who would show me what was available. She seemed pushy, but mentioned that working for the British heart foundation ( volunteer work i guess) would look good for employers. I went to it the next day, but it was not what I had in mind (Keep in mind im a graduate of Audio engineering, and active so my social skills are not any different as they were when I was employed). The people barely spoke English and they seemed like the really loner types, not to mention it was mainly older men working there. I called my advisor as he had come back to work and explained it to him and he seemed to understand. I have my usual appointment with him next week. Am I going to be sanctioned for this? I had to tell the charity shop that this was not best suited for me. I felt as if it would only dumb me /slow me down rather than test my skills or be a challenge (it was really quiet, not busy at all).

***Work experience... sorry not work placement


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