Transgender question... why?

ok so there's been a lot of talk lately about itso i figured id ask. why would you do something like that? there's being who you are and being who you want to be but isn't what you are what you were born as. i mean for example caitlyyn jener isn't a woman he just looks vaigly like one. im not judging or putting anyone down. i just think iits worth it to understand.

if anyone is transgender or transitioning id like to hear from you.


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  • As a transsexual, I can answer this.
    Its because although you are born as one gender, thats not who you feel you are. Like you're living a huge lie not only to yourself but others. You were only born in the wrong body, it feels like to some. To me, I always knew something was wrong. It just took me a while to realize what. I'm still coming to terms with it in some cases, like telling people of my childhood and such, but overall its gotten easier.

    I'm assuming you're male. Do you feel comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror, seeing you have a penis and balls, seeing no breasts? Some people aren't so lucky and wake up daily to what they don't want but are forced to acknowledge they have. Some people look and see the gender they know they shouldn't be in the mirror. Some people hear them being referred to as the very gender they shouldn't be, have to fill out applications and forms with the same gender they don't feel they are, and that can be the most uncomfortable experience. How would you feel to be called "her" and "ma'am" and "woman", but feel in you are male in the inside and hate that not many people can understand that?

    Its not something you can understand fully unless you are transsexual, yet it's not just changing your body. It's fixing what got messed up so you are who you are both inside and out.


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  • for a transgender person they dont feel they are what they are born as, so for them becoming the gender they identify as is being themselves and staying as their original gender is lying to themselves, hiding who they truly are and trying to fit in. they are essentially stuck in the opposite genders body and surgery lets them correct that

  • Imagine living your life the way you do now, but you have a vagina and boobs. It's out of place and you feel like you just do not belong in that body.
    It's not a "choice" to be trans.

  • I think they feel trapped in their body and want their body to show how they feel they are in the inside. That's why.

    And some people will find Bruce Jenner to be ugly while others find him gorgeous. It's subjective.


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  • 1. I'm neither a TG nor intend being one
    2. We are the last frontier of nature's creation after billions of years of evolution which after a time gets boring to the creator. We constantly evolve within the same structure and frame work unlike other species
    3. Nature gives but it's not necessarily fair
    4. If nature had intended that such change should not happen, it would never be possible
    5. The beauty of nature is even though we claim science, it has meant the raw materials in such a way that it can be changed
    6. Hence, according to me nature has given us a choice where when we make choices they can be right or wrong :)
    7. Someone born in a man's body but with a woman's tendencies, mind and heart and vice versa, I think it's good that they are in an era where the change is possible
    8. In yesteryears this wasn't possible and lots of lives that are meant to be productive got wasted
    9. at least after the change they are happy and will be productive :)

  • I'm no transgender, but I guess not everyone likes the gender they're in or would rather prefer the things and clothes of the other gender

    I got a girl in class, and she's clothed as a boy
    It's her choice, she's happy, I'm happy for her