Shall I just give up and call it a day?

I've actually given up with engaging with another human being im sick of it i dont won't or need frieinds and i dont need no woman in my life to make me happy, fuck the world and his dog, from now on im a lone wolf!!!


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  • ... so you engage with a bunch of humans to tell then that you have giving up engaging with humans? Thats kinda funny.

    • hows that funny? people treat me like shit all the time and before anyone says its the people i talk to its a load of bollocks!! I've spoken to people from both genders, different age groups, ethnicities so they all can't be like that

    • Im not treating you like shit, you are treating you like shit. so don't be surprised when others do it. Come off confident. self hating with only generate more hate. You should be more like...
      "these people treat me like shit so fuck them... i will go talk to these OTHER people..." repeat as necessary.

  • Dont really know what to say... maybe you should just stop hanging out with people who put you down