What are the legal goals of the Men's Rights Movement?


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  • Equality in family court is generally a big one.

    Equality in sentencing would be another.

    Potential biases in the education system that lead to higher rates of males dropping.

    Biases in health system, particularly that more mental health resources are devoted to women, while men commit suicide three times as often.

    • Thanks for the answer and thank you for laying it out simplistically. I wasn't aware of the bias in the health system could you inform me more on that please?

    • There are issues for women in the health care system as well. But mens issues include things like the amount of resources devoted to breast vs prostate cancer. The fact that men do indeed die years earlier on average etc. Men tend to seek out less medical care. Like many Mens issues this tends to just be chalked up as 'men need to change'. But if women didn't see doctors and died earlier, groups would argue that the system needed to change to adapt to their feelings.

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  • I don't think they have any legal goals but to stop feminism. I never see them outside doing a manifestation or something, they usually just appear when feminism is mentioned.
    They could do a better job though, I mean, focus on something real, not just stopping the feminists, cause that way they're getting nowhere.

    • Seriously stop with this hate the MRAs, they do have real goals and you don't need to attack them because you don't agree. If you're going to comment bullshit don't hit submit.

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    • A "man"ifestation 😋

    • I was asking for the ideas not something productive they've done. Ok so court goals, that's helpful.

  • You are kidding right? First, the OP an the MHO are the same person. That is obvious. It is kind of lame to support your own post with a fake user ID.

    I don't think you have mentioned one thing that has not been addressed in other legal actions. What on earth would this gain?

    We already get paid more, we hold an overwhelmingly larger number of corporate and government leadership roles.

    We have, de facto, more power, freedom, and the system is set up in such a way as to benefit men. The only 2 areas I don't think we get a fair shake in are child custody and the military draft.

    I don't know if I would want to give up the benefits we gain by keeping the status quo to fix these two things.

  • i don't see any legal goals there actually...

  • What about men being able to report domestic abuse/violence?

    • So more support for men who have been victims of domestic abuse/violence?

    • Yes, that's right. This is due to personal experience and the fact that society does not take male abuse victims as seriously as female abuse victims.

    • Hope you have received the support you needed.

  • I am sure it varies from guy to guy, but I imagine more equality in the legal process. Currently men convicted of the same crime as a woman serves longer prison sentences. Single men have a harder time getting custody or adopting than single women. Some may want male circumcision banned. There aren't nearly as many government programs to help men as their are women.

    • Firstly, thank you for an actual answer. Just clarifying.
      So equality in prison sentences?
      Custody equality?
      Banning male circumcision?
      And more government programs to help men?

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    • That's true. and thanks for the input.

    • Just look at the women that have answered so far. That shows just how little men's issues are being considered as important. This should explain why there are so many angry men in the movement now. The more extreme elements of feminism have taught people that the only gender to suffer from gender roles or discrimination are women. In truth both sides have always had their own challenges, there own form of suffering, and yes at times both genders had their own privileges.

      Gender equality can not be achieved while we only care about one side. Both sides need to have their issues taken seriously. I appreciate you actually taking the issue seriously.

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  • They want to pretend men and woman are the same when they are not.

  • mens rights movement is bullshit

    • Only as much as women's rights movement is.

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    • calm yo tits

    • There is a "Men's Rights Movement"?
      That is fantastic! Will they teach men to think? Can men learn? (I don't think so... I see another set of "penis size" questions on the most recent list right now...) This is good news. Will it teach men the difference between a girlfriend and a mommy?
      Please tell me they will teach them to put down the toilet seat, wipe their feet when they come to visit, and wash their clothes at least once a week.

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