What would you do... in this situation?

There's a bank robbery going on. The Robbers took the safe and are trying to escape by car. But when they cross the busy Town's Square, the safe accidently falls out of the car with an impact to great it opened the safe... money everywhere. 10 000 Euros/Dollars. The robbers have no choice but to drive further, because they're being chased.. They are 10 minutes ahead of the police.
People start rushing to 'the Money Shower'...10 minutes to pick money up.

But what would you do?

Remember.. it's stolen money... it belongs to someone

  • Finders keepers! I'll take as much as I can... get the hell out of there... and spend it all!
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  • I'll take as much as I can... spend some.. and give the rest back to the owner (claiming you only found that)
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  • I'll stay out of it... enjoy the show, perhaps record it for fun
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  • Or?
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  • There'd be no point rushing to get the money because everyone would be piling on and fighting.
    I'd be as well just watch as my faith in humanity diminishes


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  • Grab and go. Go to another bank exchange the cash for smaller bills and pretend nothing happened