Do I need to say this to them?

So, my signature card, wound up getting rained on when I left it in the car with the windows cracked. I forgot I left the windows like that and well, yeah. I'm thinking of trying to get a new one but at the same time I kind of don't (for a reason I'd rather not say). If I do decide to get a new one though, and I would plan on trying to get all 17 signatures again, do I need to say something along that line of, my old one got screwed up accidentally, and was wondering if you'd sign my new one. They probably wouldn't even recognize me, so, they'll sign it anyway, but, I feel as though I should say that anyway?


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  • u could x-plained wot happened i guess... no?

    • I mean, if they don't recognize me (most likely), is it really necessary to explain what happened

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